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In 1988 Sri Lanka was a time of economic collapse as it was a time of terror and civil problems. But with a courage a small business started in March 1988. It was named as the ‘Samudra Book Shop’ and was located at No.08, Puttlam Road, Kurunegala. This place was only 200 Square Feet but was the first step towards a long journey.

1995 was a better year for us as we expanded our service to a spacious place which was also located in Puttlam Road and was branded as ‘Samudra Book Curio’ this was a landmark for the Samudra Group as this place was Air conditioned, Self Service and specialized 90% for its capacity for the printed books.

1999 we the ‘Samudra Group’ stepped on to another level. We were able to open a new showroom for Greeting cards which was facing the ‘Samudra Book Curio’ and also on the same year we started importing books from foreign book publishers.

The year 2003 brought a revolution in to the book publishing culture and Samudra was at the forefront. The company started book publishing specially Work books for English Medium Students RANGING FROM Grade 1 to 12.

Firmly established as a major force in publishing and Sri Lankan life, Samudra became a Brand which was on the mouth of every student of the area.

In 2005 Samudra Book Shop expanded the service to Kandy, establishing a branch in Peradeniya Road. Also an Exclusive Shop for Buddhist Publication and CD cassette was opened at Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, the ‘Narada Book Shop’. This was a unique landmark in Samudra History.

2007 we opened another Shop for Colombo residents in Ward Place as the requirement for the books was a developing market in this period of time.

2007 Samudra Group stepped on to another sector apart from books. It was the education sector. We were able to open a new international school ‘Samudra College’ for Kindergarten students. This school is facilitated with play areas and a library with the largest collection of children books in the area.

In 2015, we acquired a department store which became latest franchise of Samudra Group. The Department store was named as “Samudra Supermarket” which went onto becomes a regional pioneer for introducing Eco friendly shopping bags to supermarket customers around Kurunegala district. The department store boasts more than 10,000 sq ft of shopping area.

From The beginning the ‘Samudra’ is always looking forward to provide the best quality to its customers.


We have a good taste for quality books which have valuable content for the society. Therefore the books published by us has been famous among the parents & children of Sri Lanka. Samudra books is the premier award winning market leader for books,stationaries and publishing in Sri Lanka. The Samudra Group consists of a well trained staff who has taste for books with a branch network successfully servicing island-wide since 1989.


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K.K.P De Silva

Founder & Director Of Samudra Group

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Samudrika De Silva

Founder & Directress Of Samudra Group

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Dr. Mathisha Hashan De Silva

Member of Director Board

Team images

Mr. Keshara Yashodha De Silva

Member of Director Board